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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

06/18/2018Make It and Take It (Ages 6-11)
06/18/2018Fun & Funky Clay Creations (Ages 6-10)
06/18/2018Code Breakers (Ages 8-14)
06/18/2018Watercolor Techniques (Ages 7-13)
06/18/2018Creative Writing for Teens (Ages 13-17)
06/19/2018Introduction to Grant Writing I
06/22/2018Etiquette and Manners Camp (Ages 11-16)
06/22/2018OSHA's Final Rule on Respirable Silica (General Industry)
06/22/2018Vision Board Fun: Create Your Ideal Life (Age 11 - 16)
06/23/2018Excel Intermediate
06/25/2018Crafty Creative Expressions (Ages 9-14)
06/25/2018Creative Engineering Workshop (Ages 7-12)
06/25/2018Diggin' Up Bones (Ages 11-16)
06/25/2018Build Your Own Computer (Ages 5-11)
06/25/2018Camp Z (Ages 9-12)
06/25/2018Babysitting Basics (Ages 11-15)
06/25/2018Make Your First 3D Video Game! (Ages 8-14)
06/25/2018ROBLOX® Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs! (Ages 8-14)
06/25/2018Healthy Me (Ages 7-10)
06/26/2018Creative Arts & Crafts Camp (Ages 5-11)
06/26/2018Creative Arts & Crafts Camp (Ages 5-11)
06/26/2018Sweet Pea Spa Day (Ages 4-7)
06/26/2018Diva Spa Day (Ages 8-13)
06/26/2018Culinary Cooking Level I for Kids & Teens (Ages 6-13)
06/26/2018Basketball Camp (Shooting-Coed 7th-12th grade)
06/27/2018Aviation Camp (Ages 8-14)
06/28/2018The Art of Conflict Resolution
06/28/2018Aviation Camp (Ages 8-14)
06/29/2018Surviving Violent Encounters
06/29/2018Etiquette and Manners Camp (Ages 8-10)
07/09/2018Crafty Creative Expressions (Ages 9-14)
07/09/2018Camp Wonderland (Ages 8-13)
07/09/2018Minecraft Designers (Ages 8-14)
07/09/2018Hovercraft-Design Your Own Vehicle-Egg Drop Car (Ages 6-11)
07/09/2018The Power of You: Circuitry, IoT, and Network Design (Ages 12-17)
07/09/ Make Your First Multiplayer App! (Ages 8-14)
07/09/2018Creative Arts & Crafts Camp (Ages 5-11)
07/09/2018Kids Health and Nutrition (Ages 8-16)
07/09/2018Holiday Treats (Ages 6-11)
07/09/2018EnergyVenture Camp (Ages 12-14)
07/09/2018Creative Writing (Ages 8-13)
07/09/2018Basketball Camp (Girls K-5th Grade)
07/10/2018Hurricane Preparedness
07/10/2018Dental Assistant Program
07/11/2018Volleyball 4 on 4 League
07/11/2018DOT (Department of Transportation) HAZMAT 8-Hour
07/12/2018The Art of Conflict Resolution
07/13/2018Gender, Culture and Communication
07/13/2018Introduction to Business Analysis
07/14/2018Military Social Environment Awareness
07/16/2018Smell What Your Telling (Ages 10-15)
07/16/2018Crafty Creative Expressions (Ages 9-14)
07/16/2018Watercolor Techniques (Ages 7-13)
07/16/2018Video Game Console Design (Ages 5-11)
07/16/2018Model Airplanes-Bridge Building Electronics (Ages 6-11)
07/16/2018Fun & Funky Clay Creations (Ages 8-12)
07/16/2018Minecraft Modders (Ages 8-14)
07/16/2018Code Your Own Adventure! Interactive Storytelling (Ages 8-14)
07/16/2018Kids Health and Nutrition (Ages 8-16)
07/16/2018AutoCADD Workshop (Ages 12-16)
07/16/2018HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations) 40-Hour
07/16/2018Audio Recording Camp (Ages 10-16)
07/16/2018Basketball Camp (Girls 6th-12th Grade)
07/17/2018Introduction to Grant Writing II
07/18/2018Introduction to Windows 10
07/18/2018Marketing Your Nonprofit
07/18/2018Spanish for Medical Professionals
07/18/2018Project Management Suite
07/18/2018Secrets of Better Photography
07/18/2018Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
07/18/2018Start Your Own Small Business
07/18/2018Introduction to Lightroom CC
07/18/2018Accounting Fundamentals II
07/18/2018Accounting Fundamentals
07/18/2018Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
07/18/2018Interpersonal Communication
07/18/2018Introduction to Criminal Law
07/18/2018Introduction to Business Analysis
07/18/2018Accounting Fundamentals Series
07/18/2018Administrative Assistant Applications
07/18/2018Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
07/18/2018Grammar Refresher
07/18/2018Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010